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Chef Daniel Knight

Chef Daniel is one of the best! He’s passionate about creating unforgettable memories with his creative pallet of gourmet, healthy meals! He truly caters to your nutritional needs!

Who is Chef Daniel?

Chef Daniel began his cooking journey at 7 years old. He was heavily influenced by his grandmother Arcola Edwards who taught him 3 simple rules: keep your heat low and not to high, everything needs seasoning and flavor, and most importantly put love into it.

Since that time Daniel’s passion for food has blossomed into what you see today, Date Knight Dining. Daniel’s food focus is Classic American with African, French, Latin, Italian, and Mediterranean influence. Chef Daniel strives to ensure his food is good for the mind, body, and soul. Food that makes you think, “how did he do that… food that is not only good but good for you and reminds you of simpler times.”

Since launching Date Knight Dining, Chef Daniel has begun to focus on combining food, love, and entertainment. The problem he saw was that when people (both singles and couples), go out to eat, there is not enough focus on the entertainment and quality surrounding the food. Date Knight Dining strives to solve that problem by offering curated experiences (“Date Knights” by Date Knight Dining) as well as offering larger family style Group Knights, hosted and themed events that include high-end food and entertainment!


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